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Akcijska ponudba
>Akcijska ponudba
Akcijska ponudba izbranih izdelkov in odprodaja artiklov iz programa Mercedes-Benz.

>Spare parts
Nudimo vam veliko izbiro delov za vaše vozilo Mercedes-Benz!

Servis MB specialist
>Servis MBspecialist
Naši partnerji – Servisna Mreža MB specialist, ki je specializirana za vozila Mercedes-Benz in Smart.

O podjetju
>About the company
Največja izbira delov za vaše vozilo Mercedes-Benz ali Smart!

Welcome to MB specialists

Največja izbira delov za vaše vozilo Mercedes-Benz ali Smart!
Specialists MB since 1997!
Specification of the spare parts according to the chassis number. We deal only with Mercedes-Benz. This is the reason, why we're good at it, what we do.

On our website you can find all, which is important for owners of Mercedes-Benz.
Welcome to our Mercedes-Benz pages!

Access to electronic parts catalog Mercedes-Benz with username and password ...
In view of the chassis number can be found looking for a part, then in our check list price and stock ...
Specify part of you we!

The acquisition is possible in Ljubljana or Brežice, and collect.

Vas MB Specialist

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